Monday, September 3, 2007

The RCA web spot...

This was a web spot I did for RCA in a previous life. The model was built in 3ds max using spline modeling techniques (surface tools). This modeling technique has many advantages over simple polygonal modeling. When prepared correctly, it allows you to control polygonal density with a spinner using the "Surface" and "Turn to Poly" modifier.

The product and ribbon animations were done in 3ds max and composited in After Effects 7. We separated the ribbon and product into render passes to allow for specific effects. Motion blurs were done in Combustion 3 using the RPF tools.

*Here's a tip, when you render a RPF pass for motion blurs in Combustion, make sure the background color is the same as the product model. meaning if your product is black, make your background black. If it's a lighter color it will give a halo effect in your compositor.

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