Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3ds max rendering tip part II

I normally do not post twice in one day, but I'm on a roll. If you can't tell i'm doing a lot of 3D work lately. In Max 9 there are two new rendering features, SCENE STATES and BATCH RENDER. These are priceless rendering tools. Scene States allow you to store versions of your scene similar to Adobe PhotoShop's Layer Comps tool. In the old days, to render passes for compositing you had to save matte shadow materials in different files and set up a net render in Backburner to batch everything. Now you can save states in one Max scene. The new Batch Render tool allows you to render multiple "views" and tell Max which Scene State, Camera and Render Preset you want to use. Very powerful! But there's one problem, on the batch render interface there is no Pause button or check box to "Skip rendered frames". What you need to do is save a RENDER PRESET with "Skip frames" checked and tell the Batch Render to use it. Now you can stop it and start it with ease.

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