Saturday, May 17, 2008

o, how times have changed

Remember when we were young and "celebrities" would get Saturday morning cartoons instead of reality TV shows. How great would it be to have a Public Enemy cartoon where Flava Flav is still a side kick, but instead he's a dog. And Chuck D's weapon is his piercing rhymes. Yeah, and Terminator X only speaks through samples on wax. And they hunt down fruadulent corporate criminals and government oil lobbyists. I would buy that lunch box.

Anyone remember these:


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Pete said...

Public Enemy to be Turned into Hip-Hop Hollywood Animated Feature?
March 30, 2009 10:22 a.m. by Ethan Stanislawski
The rumor mill is starting to churn out a hip-hop movie project that sounds outright batty. It seems that there may be a new cartoon feature based on the seminal hip-hop band Public Enemy—and one that may less cartoonish than Flavor of Love at that.

In May, we will see a graphic novel collection based on the travails of Chuck D. Flava Fav, Terminator X and the Bomb Squad. According to multiple sources, MTV is reporting that “there is a lot of interest from Hollywood” for an animated movie based on Public Enemy.

If it’s anything close to the edginess of The Boondocks animated series, I’ll be watching, but I somehow wonder what kind of plot would circle around a film without Jimmy Cagney about Public Enemy . All this from the band that once recorded “Burn Hollywood Burn” and wrote the greatest hip-hop song ever for a Spike Lee movie.