Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PIXAR presents "Lucaplakia the Penguin"

There is a little know studio in Emeryville, California called PIXAR. They are releasing a new film titled Wall-E. I was a bit apprehensive with PIXAR doing robots, I always admired them for their exploration of characters without having to do the robot thing. Don't get me wrong, robots and ninjas are my two favorites things in the world, but when i think of spending 400 million dollars on a story, robots aren't on the top of my list. I would have gone with Penguins. But then again, I do not have an academy award for best animated feature.

It appears the film is a love story between Wall-E and a clearcoat-drenched robot (designed by Apple). Could this be an animated remake of the 1986 classic Lucas? You must admit, Lucas was persistent, curious, lonely and his glasses have a lot of similarities to Wall-E's eyes.

I'm sure the story, environments, character design and animation will bring me to tears... they always do.

Here is a collection of Wall-E clips


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I knew this was going to have a Lucas reference just by reading the title?

Brian Phillips said...

Pat, actually it is great. Pixar and Lucas may be a stretch.. but i think I'm onto something ;)

Anonymous said...

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