Tuesday, July 1, 2008

max 2009 / NPower / VRay

3ds max 2009 came in today. So i should posting some new discoveries in the next few months. I'm currently working on project in which I've had to translate geometry from Rhino and Solidworks into max. I'm using the NPower translator where I've used Polytrans in the past. I must say, I'm enjoying the NPower translator's ability to manage large amounts of data. On the downside Its not friendly to edit the geometry on the basic translator level. However, we typically work with engineering models from industrial design shops and spend our time animating and rendering / compositing so the basic translator is appropriate.

It's currently 1:00 in the morning and I've been sucked into VRay calisthenics in max 2009. Here's an image of my workout.

Yeah I know its only spheres in a blue room but I like to study the settings, adjust and analyze the effect. So this image has been through numerous renders in an effort to understand the VRay basic material, VRay Blend material, Vray Lights and VRay Cameras. I'm a bit late to the VRay bandwagon party. My friends have been telling me about for years and I finally used it on the EyeGlassGuide.com microsite. I'll quote a recent email from a friend that said "VRay is the poo-poo".

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