Monday, June 22, 2009

VRay RT demo videos

Here are some demo videos on VRay RT. VRay RT is an ActiveShade renderer that complements the VRay production renderer. Apparently, It uses CPUs on your network to provide the image. Mental Ray introduced the final gather preview which I found helpful when tweaking physical settings that can be counter-intutive at times. I found leaning Vray very challenging because of the "tweak and wait" pipeline. This should help artists new to VRay.


Zeb said...

Thats a great post Brian!

Do you know of any hardware specs that are recommended when using the VRAY Activshade?

Brian Phillips said...


Unfortunately, I do not. I have not done "purchase" research; only "holy sh*t" research.

Zeb said...


yepee9 said...

Min req:-
Inetl pentium 4(2.4ghz) or above
2Gb ram (4gb recomanded)
windows xp or higher

Brian Phillips said...

Thanks yepee9!

Anonymous said...

cool can i do this wiht the vray demo

idalkakar said...

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