Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My First Maya Render :)

I've been going through Maya training with Joseph today. I finally got deeper into the program. There are certainly things I like about Maya, but there are a number of "wishlist" items. First off, I'm going to miss the camera tools within cam view. Its going to take a while to get use to the camera never being "locked down" like in Max. Having the same orbit options for both "perspective" view and camera view will be confusing. I really like the Frame feature, snap to vertex, the global sub-object mode, Extrude, Bevel and the Split Face Tool. Plus the History panel with editable attributes is extremely helpful, truly a great feature! I wish I could escape out of a tool, instead of jumping to the move tool. The curves are a royal pain in the "a". However I like the fact that Beizer handles are selectable, but breaking the handles into a Beizer Corner is very wasteful and critical to pipeline. I will miss the renderable spline feature of max, hopefully that will get added. The outliner is awesome, I love the parenting feature. So much more intuitive than max. Another nice feature is the way you can edit the frame range display similar to After Effects. That was always a hassle in Max. I did have a nice Pez dispenser modeled as an exercise, but Maya crashed. Not having a "save scene on crash" feature will be missed. That has saved my ass so many times.

This is what I get after 12 years in 3ds Max ... watch out now :)


Zeb said...

That is epic. I do miss the crash save feature from Max as well! Glad to see you are coming to the dark side of 3D! :)panst

Brian Phillips said...

Man, I feel "in the dark". Lots to learn, but its been fun. I'm excited to get a rigged character in there.

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