Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Conner Prairie Brand TV Spot :30

Final Spot:

Here the newest spot we produced alongside Publicis for Conner Prairie. This was one of the smoothest projects I've worked on. I worked with the agency from initial concept and scripting through design and animation. I learned so much during this project. My biggest lesson was the importance of the pre-planning phase, specifically writing a treatment and the animatic. I've included our final animatic.

Visually, I wanted to create a world of cutouts similar to the ones I made in shoe boxes as a child. I wanted the frame as a whole to be rich and have depth, but individual elements needed to have imperfections. Darren and I wanted to do something visually different for this market. Hopefully, this stands out!


The animatic was extremely critical to the spot. It allowed us to effectively communicate our ideas to the client and spend more time polishing the layout and animation.

Agency: Publicis Indianapolis
Animation Studio: The Basement Design + Motion
Audio Production: Earshot Audio - Post
Creative Director: Darren Halbig
Account Executive: Kara Warner
Director / Art Director: Brian Phillips
Producer: Ross Woods
Photography: Darren Halbig / Brian Phillips
Illustration / Board Artist: Dan Thomson
Design / Animator: Joseph Cross