Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mom ...Can I get a Big Wheel?

I have officially found my favorite commercial. Yes, the Big Wheel memory is the best memory (maybe tied with Shogun Godzilla, homemade Transformers and Sega Genesis). What the Big Wheel lacked in traction; the Big Wheel made up in style. I took off the back rest and stood up, using my right leg to thrust me forward as if it were a scooter. I could launch off any ramp!

The concept of his inner self lobbying to keep the "Big Wheel for Christmas" as his favorite transportation memory is genius.

Look at it ...It's the Big Wheel.

Tecmo Bowl is the greatest sports game ever

My buddy Mike and I would play Tecmo Bowl for days straight when we were in middle school. We always played the Raider vs 49ers. I now have Tecmo Bowl on my Gameboy Advance and play it daily.

Monday, November 24, 2008

3ds max tip - finding a radius for geometery (editable poly)

I'm up late tonight working on a project that requires a rig for this retractable handling system. The system runs along this track that is an editable poly. For the rig I needed to find the radius and center for the track so I could get an accurate rotation - here is how i did it: First I set my snaps to include ENDPOINT and MIDPOINT. Then I selected ARC from the spline panel and clicked and dragged the first two endpoint of the arc and SNAPPED them to the MIDPOINT of two identical edges along the track. Then snapped the third point on an edge in between the first and second arc points. Then I turned on PIE SLICE in the ARC parameters and now have my radius center point. Finally I created a dummy by SNAPPING to the ENDPOINT of pie slice. Hope this helps someone out there.

introducing Isaac

My life has officially changed :) inspiration has a new name ...Isaac Joseph, born 11.08.08