Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Announcing the 49 Hour Film Competition

Grab four friends, a mountain of coffee beans and as many computers you can put on a farm.

It's time for the MG Collective's first annual 49 Hour Film Competition. The 49 Hour Film Competition is an animation ONLY event based on the 48 Hour Film Project with an extra hour for rendering. The competition begins April 1st at 6pm. Registration ends March 30th. Teams are limited to five (5) members. Two categories include Student and Professional. Students can enter in the professional category, however a professional can not participate in the student category. The competition will be judged by national artists and animators from Sony Animation, Fusion Digital Productions & Industrial Light & Magic. Films will be evaluated on these categories: Storytelling / Art Direction / Animation / Execution

Friendly recommendations:
Teams “should” consist of a designer, storyboard / concept artist, generalist and two (2) animators. Teams can use pre-modeled and rigged characters as long as they have rights to those assets. Start securing your location and production pipeline prior to April 1st.

Registration forms can be downloaded HERE.

This PDF is form based. Once you fill in your team's information, save it as TEAM_NAME_49Hour_registration.pdf and email it

After the competition and judging we will have a screening event and announce winners at The Elbow Room in downtown Indianapolis. The screening event date and time are TBD.

for more information contact:
Brian Phillips brian at mgcollective dot com
or Andy Beane at jabeane at bsu dot edu