Monday, January 21, 2008

Digital Content Producer of the Week

A friend of mine sent me a congrats email today and to my surprise, I was selected as Digital Content Producer's Producer of the Week. I greatly appreciate the accolade from and Reel-Exchange. HERE is the story.

PS - Thanks Eric (Filson) for the heads up!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Two Brands Walk into a Bar....

Jacob sent me this article from and the author (Mat Zucker from attempts to demystify digital creative. He discusses the ideologies of traditional agencies and digital agencies. Countless times we've experienced the topics discussed in this article. One notable topic discussed is branding expression and the need for traditional branding standards to be updated to include tone and motion. In our business we our brought in to breathe life into brands through motion graphics and animation. But numerous times branding standards limit our ability to provide the strongest experience possible. You may ask yourself... "What would our brand say if it walked in a room?" but We're most interested in how it would walk in and how much noise would it make.

Enjoy the article: HERE

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year..... New Position

How exciting... my first post in '08! Even more exciting is the fact I'm posting our new job opening here in the studio. The position is for an art director/animator... Check out the details on We are looking for someone who has vast experience in interactive interface design (flash motion design), motion graphics design (After Effects wizards please apply) and 3D animation. If you feel you have the right combination of experience and drive... I can't wait to meet you. Best of luck in '08!