Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This site was sent to me from a friend (thanks Mike), it is an experiment in where a gentleman by the name of Alex Frank has taken away all the mousedown functionality of a site and built an amazing online experience. He has an interesting theory of filling mouse movement between clicks, that he calls "dead space". My friend said this is a "glimpse into the future (of interface design)" and I started thinking about what happens in that "dead space".

While I'm in my dead space, I am processing my next decision. I can imagine rolling over the "order" button and it processes. Do you know how many Todd McFarland Toys I would own? Now I am far from a scientist, but I believe there is a filing system in the human brain that lays down an invisible bread crumb every time a click or decision is made. Countless times, I find myself retracing my tracks based on clicks. This would be great for the shipping industry.

Anyway, my hats off to you Alex! Thoughts like this move the media industry from now to new.


JDevL said...

Awesome link and interesting commentary.

I like where you are going with the fact that the brain does have to make a decision to click. If your interactivity does not require that step, you can create a much more engaging and fluid experience.

However, decisions that involve transactions may need to keep that choice as a conscious act, rather than "tricking" your user into buying something.

Vincent Gorman said...

will this create more self conscious movements? Maybe people will start driving safer and no longer will we bump into one another in crowded hallways.

One more step further and we could interact without physical movement at all. Far out maan

Anonymous said...

great point gMan! I experienced a "clicker" yesterday when my car was bumped on IUPUI's campus. suck!