Monday, February 23, 2009

floating-heart-shaped-carwash design

For the past few weeks I've been working on an interface design for a client. My concept became a floating-heart-shaped-car wash. The site will be a super-duper flash site if they buy it.
Anyway, here is a sample of the interface. I'll post the full image soon. I am planning to present my creative process on this design at the Flash Indianapolis User's Group in the coming months. The presentation will cover everything from conceptual sketch, into 3ds, rendering process to final setup in Photoshop. Hope you like what you see.


Zeb said...

Really sweet! Can't you show more of it off?!

Haha. Look forward to seeing your pipeline and production process on this one Brian!

gemini82 said...

Man I'd love to see your prodcution pipeline. Is there a possibility of posting it on the web.

Brian Phillips said...

gemini82, I'll see what I can do.