Sunday, February 15, 2009

Indianapolis Flash Users Group announced

I wanted to post about a new flash platform user's group that is being started by Mark Grossnickle (ickydime). Lemme say this is NOT a Basement focused user group! It is Indianapolis focused. The goal is to grow the city's network and share knowledge on an equal ground. Professional and students are encouraged to come out. Offical information below:

Flash Indianapolis is a Flash Platform Users group intended for Flash users of all levels and interests. Everyone in the Flash community is encouraged to attend: from designers to developers, students to experts, game enthusiasts to application developers. We hope to span the entire Flash Platform, giving members a place to explore new areas of Flash as well as bring together talent w/ different specialties. By doing so, we hope to bring together the Flash community in the Central Indiana area and provide a unique place to learn, network, and have fun.

The ultimate goal is to have the community run and direct the group. We would like to see the meetings cover topics chosen by the group and be held in venues all across the Central Indiana area. With that said, we plan on using the Ning platform to keep everyone up to date and involved. To get the discussion started, please join our free social network:
We plan on having our meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6pm. The venue will change depending on the speaker and topic. We would like this to be a traveling group so that it is truly owned by the entire community.

The first official meeting will be February 19th at The Basement Design & Motion's studio (address below). Our first speaker will be Mark Grossnickle (, Lead Flash Developer at The Basement. He will be talking about the development of the Surf The Crowds flash game ( We will then open the floor and discuss what everyone would like to get out of this user's group and what direction it should take.

The Basement Design and Motion
8902 Otis Avenue
Suite 107B
Indianapolis, IN 46216


Zeb said...

Awesome idea guys! Mind if I post a notice through the SIGGRAPH IUPUI boards?

Brian Phillips said...

Zeb, please do. Please encourage them to create a profile on the site so we can communicate directly with everyone. Hope to see you at the studio!


Zeb said...

Great! Just did. Unfortunately we have a Faculty Portfolio Review this coming Thursday...

Will sign up and keep them posted on coming events as well.

Hope everyone is keeping busy!